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Biopac Student LaB
MP160 Starter Systems
 BioNomadix Wireless Physiology
B-Alert Wireless EEG
fNIRS Optical Brain Imaging
Biomedical Engineering Equipment (BME)
Universal Automatic Tensile Testing Machines
Concrete Flexural & Transverse Machine
Compression & Flexural Machine
Automatic Triaxial System
Ceramic Furnace 1200°C
Civil Engineering Equipment (CE)
2-Wheel Self-Balancing Robot
Raspberry Pi3 with Model BBoard
Raspberry Pi 3
Arduino Uno R3

Internet of Things (IOTs)

Shaving Machines
 Laboratory Drum
Spray Booth
Leather Engineering Equipment (LEE)
Data Logger
Smart Multisensor
Wind Speed and Direction
Automatic Weather Station
Compressed Air Systems
Ultrasonic – Sonaphone Pocket
Ultrasonic – Flaw Detector
Ultrasonic – Leak Detection
Energy Engineering Equipment

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